miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Blue ballerinas

Last week, I couldn't resist to buy a pair of the parisian must-have shoes: ballerinas. They're confortable, and maybe the only kind of shoe that goes well with almost (like 99%) of the garments and let you go up and down the subway really fast.
Parisians have all kinds of ballerinas, they have different models in every store, and they're so popular I think tourists should preffer them to Eiffel tower keychains if they really want to feel french.

So ballerinas are great. The thing is, this time I didn't buy a black or a honey colored pair. This time I bought a bright blue pair of ballerinas. It is one of the strongest shades of the season, so they might work! Let me tell you, it is kind of an art make these look good. So to share with you the freedom of owning and wearing a pair of blue ballerinas like mines, I am giving you five looks of how to rock them in very different occasions.
Keep in mind the trends how it works: in a black and white look, in a submarine experience kind of look, with neutrals.

blue shoes IV

blue shoes

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