viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Why is style such a big deal?

I am going to tell you a big secret. In fact, some of my secrets. In a few words, I don't like many things the rest of the world seems to love, like yellow cheese, or the Kardashians, or Ricardo Arjona.
What does it mean? No, I'm not a hipster, it means I have an opinion, which means my brain works the way it should. We are all unique, and we like that.
And we try to express who we are and what we like all the time. Is freedom! The most common way to exercise this freedom is through fashion. That's why nobody likes uniforms, and that is why I felt so down some days ago when someone told me to wear accessories that weren't my style.
I was surprised. I was sad for something as superficial as shoes! When I wear my shoes (unless they're new), I never think about them. When someone told me to wear shoes that weren't like me, I wanted to yell. Think about it, you're the forever girly girl who lives in Paris and wears her faithful ballerinas everyday to climb subway stairs, when suddenly, someone asks you to wear army boots (this isn't the real life example, but it was close). Is like a bad hair day: everybody can say it looks okay, but when you look in the mirror you don't see yourself. You know it's ugly, because you know yourself, and you like yourself, with what you do to your hair. It wasn't your choice.
It has nothing to do with experimenting new stuff. I surf new trends every day and my taste dictatorship (not the network, but my real taste) says "I have to try this lovely dress" or "not even in a costume party". Again, because I know myself, my hair, my face and my body and I know what works and what doesn't.
I don't know if it is a creative people issue, or everybody suffers from style impositions, but the day I had to wear the nicknamed army boots I even got a headache, and came back home still thinking about it.
I like experimenting with my style, but staying faithful to it. So I'm trying to do new stuff sometimes, sometimes not, but I'm sure I'm never doing outfits or trends that we've all seen many almost everywhere, like classic hippie or obvious country (not to offend the people who do that, maybe they have talent on it)...
I'm rocking my Mexican roots, my minimalism, my feminine style, and whatever I like, but naturally. The charm of being a fashion blogger is being free to publish whatever you like.
And the most important thing, I am focusing my writing on freedom and the ability everybody has to choose and style her or himself, and defend this style.

Les voy a contar un secreto. En realidad varios de mis secretos. Por ponerlo en pocas palabras, no me gustan muchas cosas que a todo el mundo sí, como el queso amarillo, las Kardashians o Ricardo Arjona.
¿Qué significa eso? No, no soy una hipster. Significa que tengo una opinión, o sea que mi cerebro funciona como debe. Todos somos únicos, y nos encanta serlo.
Y tratamos de expresar quiénes somos y lo que nos gusta siempre. Es libertad. Y la forma más común de expresar esta libertad e individualidad es a través de la moda. Por eso a nadie le gustan los uniformes, y por eso me sentí tan mal hace unos días cuando alguien me pidió usar accesorios que no eran muy de mi estilo.
Me sorprendí mucho. Me había entristecido por algo tan superficial como zapatos. Cuando uso mis zapatos (a menos que sean nuevos) nunca pienso en ellos. Pero cuando alguien me pidió usar unos que no eran como yo, quise gritar. Piénsalo, eres la por siempre niña femenina que vive en París con sus fieles ballerinas corriendo en las escaleras del metro, cuando de pronto, alguien te pide usar botas militares (no es el caso real, pero fue algo parecido). Es como uno de esos días en los que el cabello no se acomoda: todo el mundo dice que se ve bien, pero cuando te ves en el espejo, no te ves a ti. Sabes que es feo, porque te conoces, te gusta cómo eres, con lo que tú le haces a tu cabello. No fue tú elección.
No tiene nada que ver con experimentar cosas nuevas. Yo busco nuevas tendencias todos los días y la dictadura de mi gusto dice "tengo que ponerme este hermoso vestido" o "ni siquiera para una fiesta de disfraces". De nuevo, porque me conozco a mí misma, a mi cabello, mi cara y mi cuerpo, y sé lo que funciona y lo que no.
No sé si este sea un problema exclusivo de la gente creativa, o si todo el mundo sufre de imposiciones de estilo, pero el día que tuve que usar las botas incluso me dolió la cabeza, y regresé a casa pensando mucho sobre el tema.
Me gusta experimentar con mi estilo, pero siéndole fiel. Así que a veces intento cosas nuevas, a veces no, pero estoy segura de que nunca haré esos outfits que ya todo el mundo vio porque casi todo el mundo lo hizo como hippie clásico, o country sin innovaciones (sin ofender a quienes lo hacen, porque hay quienes lo logran muy bien).
Voy a mostrar mis raíces mexicanas, mi minimalismo, mi estilo femenino, y lo que sea que quiera, pero con naturalidad. El encanto de ser una fashion blogger es ser libre de publicar lo que me gusta.
Y lo más importante, me voy a concentrar en que cuando escriba, sea sobre la libertad y la habilidad que todos tenemos de escoger nuestro estilo, y defenderlo.

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  1. I loved your post, it's really interesting how we are all different and no one can make us change what we like. ALso very nice outfit.!

  2. I loved reading this. And I'm following u too!

  3. Great post! I really like style because of self expression and how it's the identity that you display to the world :)


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    Nice outfit.^^

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  7. You look so pretty :)

  8. That's a heartfelt post - thank you!


  9. I totally agree with you on this point. You are being smart by not allowing yourself to be brainwashed by this society. Embrace your style ;)

  10. great post!


  12. pues iba ideal, que me gusta tu look y estilo! como bien dices es diferente y moderno!


  13. Great post, and you look beautiful!

  14. Awesome post on why fashion is important. Lovely blog too!

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  16. Hey, great article dear! Thanks for shearing :)


  17. very very well written. I bet you and I are the same kind, sometimes I feel my taste (music, style, etc) is kinda weird for being different to people around me, but hell, 'tis what I am.

    P.S.: I'm not really fond of Kardashians lol

  18. perfect!!!

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  19. awesome post!!

  20. wow. your outfit looks amzing! find your blog very interesting and good <3


  21. Style is all about being YOU :) So who cares what anyone else tells you - just wear what you want - we love you for it!


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  23. WOW I really enjoy reading your post!
    I think style is unique as people have their own style!
    Amy x

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  25. Estoy 100 por 100 de acuerdo contigo , a mi tambien me gusta la moda , pero ante todo hay que tener opinion propia , besitos desde

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  27. Style is about personal expression. That is why I love fashion so much.
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  29. you write beautifully. i am folllowing you dear .

  30. I guess it all has to do with self-expression and feeling comfortable in what we wear. Thanks for this thought Xo

  31. Hi dear, really cool post! Style is very important! Have a nice weekend:)
    kisses chris

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